About Us!

November 16, 2018 RockMeadow Equestrian Center was purchased by Stephen L deRham. RockMeadow will continue to operate as a premiere Hunter Jumper Training and Boarding facility. The former owner, Deborah Ritchie will continue to operate a business at RockMeadow by providing lessons through "The Riding School"lecting the options from the toolbar.

Apolinar Ruiz Perez 

Jesse has been a part of RockMeadow for nearly 30 years. An experienced, caring and knowledgeable horseman, he makes certain that all of RockMeadow's horses are well fed, turned out, safe and healthy in clean, deeply bedded stalls. We feel secure knowing that Jesse keeps a sharp eye out for our horses and always tucks them in at night with his final barn check.

Jesse and his staff live onsite and make the farm run 365 days a year by keeping everything well maintained, groomed and in the best condition possible for the horses and our riders. No easy job, Jesse and his staff do amazing work for all of us at RockMeadow!   


Jesse's loyal and right hand gal! Frequently seen riding along on the big Kubota tractor with her dad.  


Annie will gladly meet you when you visit us! She's our official meet and greet gal.


Inky Cat is our office manager.

He loves paperwork!